What a DRAMA!

For Artsy Tuesday/Thursday Miss Sampson will be teaching the children in the junior school the basics of drama. Here are the children of Room 11 with a few extras from Room 14 showing different emotions. Try to guess what emotion they are trying to show.
PLEASE NOTE: Despite their best efforts, not all children were able to stay still while I was taking the panoramic photos so we have a few "mutants" in these photos! Also, some children couldn't help giggling while holding their pose so they've ended up looking happy in photos where you'll see the other children showing a different emotion!

Cook Island Language Week Expo

Kia Orana!

Here are some photos from our experience at the Cook Island Language Week Expo

Making the mini "ei" to wear as bracelets

Trying on some costumes

Learning about weaving

 Our contribution for the "tapa"
(Miss Sampson and Matua Mesui cut out the patterns that were drawn/attempted by the kids)


Today we made playdough to use in our classroom.
It was a lot of fun, but there was also a lot of learning involved:
We read the instructions.We talked about the measurements of each ingredient - some ingredients were measured with the measuring cups, some were measured with measuring spoons.We got to touch, smell and see each ingredient.We mixed the ingredients.We kneaded the dough.We mixed coloursred and yellow to make the orange playdoughyellow and blue to make the green playdoughblue and red to make the purple playdoughFinally we mixed in some glitter to make our playdough sparkly! Here's the recipe that we used if you'd like to make it yourself at home:

The ingredients and measuring cups/spoons
Working together and taking turns to mix the ingredients and knead the dough 

 Ta dah! Our playdough is ready to be used in the classroom.

Making pictures with shapes.

During the JAM testing I found that most children couldn't name hexagons and rectangles so we made pictures using shapes. The rule was that each child had to use at least 1 hexagon and 1 rectangle, but apart from that, there weren't any rules :-) Here are our animals/people/robots!

Sitting with our art at the exhibition

We had fun looking at all the different works of art at the art exhibition in the hall today.

Here we are sat amongst our artwork which is in amongst the artwork that our buddy class did.

Matariki Challenge Video

Here's Room 11's entry to the Matariki Video Challenge.
We've done our best! We hope you like it!

I have made a new version with credits this time!

Matariki Expo

Some photos of the activities during the Matariki Expo. Thanks Whaea Jor-El and Room 6 for teaching us about the Maori culture.