Today we made playdough to use in our classroom.
It was a lot of fun, but there was also a lot of learning involved:
  • We read the instructions.
  • We talked about the measurements of each ingredient - some ingredients were measured with the measuring cups, some were measured with measuring spoons.
  • We got to touch, smell and see each ingredient.
  • We mixed the ingredients.
  • We kneaded the dough.
  • We mixed colours
    • red and yellow to make the orange playdough
    • yellow and blue to make the green playdough
    • blue and red to make the purple playdough
  • Finally we mixed in some glitter to make our playdough sparkly!
Here's the recipe that we used if you'd like to make it yourself at home:

The ingredients and measuring cups/spoons

Working together and taking turns to mix the ingredients and knead the dough 

 Ta dah! Our playdough is ready to be used in the classroom.


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